Yinnette Olivo is a Product Leader and UX Expert based in Tampa, FL, with over 20 years experience in the tech industry.

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Case Study


V12 Product Platform(VPP) is a suite of applications that allows users to browse, purchase, modify, and filter leased data. Users can create and deploy marketing campaigns and monitor performance by leveraging its powerful ai model to predict customer behavior.

Creating a Suite of Products to enhance the customer Experience

This is a look into the user experience workflow implemented on the Online Ordering and Delivery workflow implemented on each of the Bloomin’ Brand sites, Outback Steakhouse, and Carrabba’s.

The food delivery market is changing at an accelerated pace. And as a large franchise, being online is the way to go when it comes down to expanding a fluctuating customer base with lots of options available to them, & boosting the stream of revenue.

The benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants are becoming more evident every day. Today’s diners tend to prefer using technology to access restaurant services. Online reservations, online take-out, and online pick-up are favored over picking up the phone, and it is essential to meet their needs if you want to remain competitive.