Revolutionizing Telecommunications: AT&T’s Journey to Omnichannel Excellence in Customer Experience

Revolutionizing Telecommunications: AT&T’s Journey to Omnichannel Excellence in Customer Experience

Yinnette Olivo
In "Revolutionizing Telecommunications," we unravel AT&T's monumental journey in reshaping its customer experience for national business clients. This case study delves into AT&T's strategic overhaul, aimed at aligning with the dynamic demands of the digital era through an innovative omnichannel approach. Highlighting the challenges, methodologies, and triumphant outcomes, the case study illustrates how AT&T transformed customer interactions across all digital platforms, setting a new benchmark in the telecommunications industry for customer-centric service and digital adaptability.

AT&T National Business Omnichannel Mid-market CX Strategy Improvement: A Comprehensive Case Study

Executive Summary

This case study delves into AT&T’s ambitious initiative to overhaul its customer experience for national business clients. The project, part of a multi-year transformation effort, aimed to align AT&T’s services with the rapidly evolving demands of the digital age, focusing on the omnichannel customer journey.


In response to the challenges of digitalization in business and society, AT&T embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its business offerings and cater to the needs of a digitally-savvy customer base. This case study outlines the strategic approach, challenges, solutions, and outcomes of this significant undertaking.

Client Overview: AT&T

AT&T, a leader in telecommunications, faced a critical challenge in retaining and attracting business customers. The company recognized the need to innovate its customer experience strategy to stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Project Goals

The primary objectives of the initiative were:

  1. Elevate Customer Experience: Utilizing all communication channels effectively.
  2. Establish as Trusted Advisors: Guiding customers through every stage of their journey.
  3. Achieve Zero-Intervention Service: Allowing customers to complete processes without direct AT&T involvement.

The Challenge: Revamping the LBGUPS Journey

AT&T identified a decline in business customer acquisition in 2020 due to several factors, including limited self-service options and confusing service information. The challenge was to redesign the customer experience to be more intuitive, efficient, and less reliant on direct support.

Customer Experience Team

Led by CX Strategists Yinnette Olivo and Sharona Aviva, the team undertook a comprehensive review and redesign of the customer journey.

Methodology and Approach

The project employed a multi-faceted approach, focusing on:

  • Customer Journey Analysis: Understanding the stages of Learn, Buy, Get, Use, Pay, Support (LBGUPS).
  • Identifying Improvement Areas: In online customer education, self-service sales, business processes, and automated support.
  • Implementing Strategic Solutions: Streamlining the customer experience across all touchpoints.

Key Discoveries and Strategic Solutions

LEARN Journey

Optimizations included search engine optimization, empowering customers with information, and implementing service questionnaires.

BUY Journey

Innovations like bundle and save options, chatbots, SMS leverage, and digital document signing were introduced.

GET Journey

Strategies involved automated onboarding, self-service account setup, and white glove agent onboarding.

USE Journey

The focus was on real-time reporting, predictive account updates, and proactive scheduling.

PAY Journey

Enhancements included AI bill monitoring, a self-service billing portal, and voice bill pay options.


Improvements were made in service monitoring and digital dispute filing.

Outcomes and Impact

The initiative led to a significant improvement in the customer experience, marked by increased customer satisfaction and retention. It positioned AT&T as a leader in customer-centric service in the telecommunications sector.


AT&T’s National Business Omnichannel Midmarket CX Strategy Improvement serves as a benchmark in the industry for digital transformation in customer experience. The project’s success demonstrates the power of a customer-first approach, combined with strategic use of technology to enhance business-customer interactions in the digital era.