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My mission

Specializing in brokering symbiotic relationships between businesses and the users they serve by helping teams turn complex problems into intuitive and user-driven solutions.

Because consumers/customers are the life force of the products we help to build, they will always be the compass that informs us in which direction we need to go as solution providers. Therefore, we must always and often turn to them for guidance.
As an expert strategist working within a team, I wield user experience, agile, design thinking, and more as tools to help carve out the path for our development teams to cement…streamlining the customer’s road to satisfaction and delivering results for stakeholders.


Work History

Technology, Capabilities & Innovation

Lead Principal CX/UX/Product Strategist, Researcher & Designer

Sep 2021 – Present

  • Founder of The Discover-y Research Group at Discover TCI
  • Spearheaded the API Rework Initiative leading Discovery and Digital Strategy
  • Lead Enablement & Capabilities in Best Practices training for Discover UX/CX Teams
  • Host of DTA podcast xPods: Conversations on Experiences
National Business Service & Support

SR. CX/UX Research & Strategy Consultant

Aug 2021 – May 2022 – Contract

  • Helped develop Mid-Market OmniChannel Self-Service CX Strategy to decrease friction & reduce the number of possible human interactions throughout the LBGUPS journey by at least 80%
  • Spearheaded efforts to help sales increase their close rate by contributing to the segmentation data model and performing a strategic data analysis based on existing customers.
  • Designed a Salesforce UX workflow to deliver improved leads to the sales team increasing the close rate by 15%.
Technology & Data Operations

Sr. Manager CX/UX Digital Strategy & Design

Feb 2020 – Jul 2021

  • Accountable for driving digital strategy and design for V12’s National Customers and their custom solutions.
  • Spearheaded the V12 Product platform suite, including the creation of the end-to-end experience for the Data Marketplace, Sandbox, Data, and Performance Cloud.
  • Worked with scientists to develop a predictive model used to measure campaign performance for an AI-driven custom solution for Torqata.
AI & Predictive Analytics

Director Of User Experience & Product Design

Nov 2017 – Dec 2019

  • Leaded development and implementation of new AI/Predictive features including Customer Segmentation™ and Polygons which increased revenue over a year by more than 12% for the company.
  • Worked alongside CEO to develop a product roadmap and introduce of A-List client testers that regularly were invited to participate in product validation.
  • Under my leadership, I grew the product team from 1 to 5 product designers/UI developers.
AI & Predictive Analytics

Lead Product UX Research & Design Consultant

Dec 2017 – Jul 2018 – Contract

  • Lead end-to-end design and research for Nielsen’s B2B Connected System™ Platform.
  • Partnered with the internal agency team designers & researchers to plan and adopt a strategic reuse strategy via a peer-driven component management system.
  • Spearheaded an initiative to build a fully functioning dev version of products that assisted with ideation and executive decision-making.
  • Worked alongside the POs for top-tier clients(Walmart, CVS, Krogers, etc. ) to develop & design the white-labeling strategy and experience.
Enterprise Consulting

Principal II UX Research & Design Product Consultant

Aug 2014 – Dec 2017

  • Led and trained multidisciplinary teams of researchers, designers, and UX evangelist team members
  • Promoted a culture of curiosity, empathy, and problem-solving while practicing servitude leadership and empowering my teams’ professional growth thru independent training initiatives.
  • Led deep dive analysis of client experiences across devices and platforms and developed digital strategies to improve navigation and reduce user friction throughout their applications. 
  • Secured additional contracts totaling over 1.5 by growing my relationship with the client and looking for opportunities within my existing project.
Non-profit Education

Lead Sr. User Experience Designer

Aug 2013 – Jul 2014

Mobile Technology

Sr. Mobile UX Designer

Feb 2012 – Jun 2013

Media & Publishing

Sr. Interaction & UX Designer

Aug 2010 – Feb 2012



International Academy of Design and Technology

Bachelor’s Degree, Design and Visual Communications

Sep 2021 – Present

Charlotte High School

Diploma, Web Design & Development

Sep 1999 – May 2003


Skills and Qualifications

UX & Design Leadership


Digital Strategy & Design


Engagement & Insights


Enablement & Capabilities


Product Development


Agile & Scrum Methodology


SixSigma & Design Thinking


Discovery & Research


Strategic Partnerships

Power BI
Adobe Suite
Microsoft O365


Client & Employee References

“She knows industry design and user experience standards like the back of her hand and can lay the foundation for a scalable product designs and front end code patterns. She is an artist and engineer in one and will make your product just as functional as she will make it beautiful. She can design and develop!”

Hannibal BaldwinCEO of SiteZeus

“Proactive, ambitious, committed and broadminded perfectionist. Yinnette never refuses you when you ask her for help. She is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. She always takes care of the job. Yinnette possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from her.”

Brad NewmanLead Engineer at iFit

“She is passionate and creative but also flexible and open to alternate ideas and collaboration. Her creative talent, proficient in CSS and jovial nature have made her a valued and respected team member.”

Christina KravatasDirector, Communications at PwC

“Yinnette has an aptitude for aesthetics. Her deep understanding of client needs makes her stand out from the countless UX developers/SMEs on the market. She doesn’t just design and create something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure the over all UX is streamlined and intuitive.”

RJ PalomboDirector of Solutions Architecture

“When you go over to talk to her, she has three instant ideas for the problems you bring her and has prototyped one of them before you have managed to get back to your desk. Yinnette's other secret sauce is making everyone else in her team better.”

John DuncanFounder of 64 Labs

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