V12 Data’s Product Platform Design finds a way monetize further their data and campaign sales


About V12 Data

V12, a Porch Company, is the leader in new mover and homeowner marketing

V12 is an audience and marketing solutions provider that delivers insight on movers and homeowners, with more context, and greater precision than any provider in the market. Our solutions deliver early access to 80+% of US homebuyers. V12 provides movers, consumer, shopping intent, auto, and property insights to deliver highly personalized, omnichannel, one-to-one marketing campaigns and outcomes across multiple industries.

Product Team

Yinnette Olivo
Product Design & UX Manager

Will Faragut
Chief of Operations


V12’s Business Model

V12’s business model is to collect auto sales and service data, a combination of geo-location data and service transactions, this in conjunction with their auto owner and home owner data, they create powerful repository of marketable individuals.

Their services include software to edit and prepare raw data into customer lists, they have a wired range of demographic data that allows dealerships to tap into markets of target consumers that are either open to buying new vehicles or acquiring service for their cars.

This is how V12 works: they gather information from the auto industry, including tire stores, oil change shops, car washes and repair services. They use this information to create profiles on customers based on their vehicle purchases and repairs. This information can be used by companies like car dealers who want to know more about their customers in order for them to better market themselves as well as understand what type of incentives would work best for each customer profile.

V12’s clients include major automakers such as American Tire Distributors and Ford Motor Company (Ford) which use V12’s services through its subsidiary Torqata, a provider of online campaign marketing for their customers. Through this partnership with dealers, V12 has access to vast amount of data about vehicle ownership at both national and local levels.


What was challenge?

The challenge for this project was to find a way to translate campaign analytics into something consumable to customers.

We were able to do so by building a dashboard that shows the number of impressions, clicks, and sales for each campaign in the last 30 days. This allowed us to translate data into something consumable by our customers, who can now see what campaigns are performing well and where they need to improve.

  1. Create a portal where customers can purchase and prepare data for use
  2. Create an app where customers can prepare marketing materials and campaigns to send to their customer lists 
  3. Create an app where analytics on the performance of the campaigns is collected and may be viewed 
  4. Add AI and optimization capabilities so that customers can modify future campaigns to peak performance.


What we threw up on the whiteboard…

Our team spent months of intensive white boarding and brainstorming, by the time we were done, we all had perm migraines. hehe. You can see some of the workflows we put together below. Please feel free to click and drag to slide and see all of the ideas we had while developing the VPP(V12 Product Platform)

Click and Drag Below


Refining our ideas…

We were able to settle on workflows that worked and scrapped those that didn’t.


The final result!

Finally we were able to add color to our ideas. In the end the solutions developed were…

Data Marketplace

Search and purchase data from V12’s large repository of dealership consumer data

Campaign Manager

An application where customers can setup their marketing campaigns using pre-prepared lists and deploy to their selected audience.

Data Cloud

A portal to store data, campaign collateral and information.

Performance Dashboard

The final portal where our customers are able to monitor their campaigns, view the performance and get valuable information on how to optimize for peak return.

Data Sandbox

A application where customers can prepare data, filter out consumers that do not meet their required demographics and make lists of target consumers for specific campaigns.

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