Design Thinking helped us learn ParkSwap is the solution for finding parking in the city


The Vision

Offering a parking crowdsource digital exchange which provides near cost neurtral alternative to public parking in metro areas.

Design Thinking Sessions

Our tailored approach consisted of a series of sessions aimed at understanding the business needs, stakeholder interview with collaborative workshops to identify the necessary workflows needed to full fill the user goals.


Who are our users?

Our users examined are a customer experience of the spot seeker and the spot swapper.

The Scenario

Our experience is based on a scenario beginning with the seeker and a series of occurrences that lead up to our personas using the app to exchange parking spaces. This is their story.


The Users Challenge

Judith was recently selected to move forward with a job opportunity. She is scheduled for an in-person interview at a large firm. She is very excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to chat with the potential employer about her skillset and how she can add value to the team.
The interview will take place in an office building on the lower east side. She lives in Queens, NY, therefore she decided to drive. She knows the commute is long and she will need time to grab a coffee and explore the area to ensure she arrives on time.
As she leaves for the interview, she realizes that although she will arrive early to the interview, she may lose time trying to find a parking spot. She hopes she can find someone with an available parking spot to swap, before she arrives, saving her time to walk the blocks it takes to get to the office building.


The Seeker

The seeker persona, as the primary user of this app will use this application to search for a parking spot. While in use, they may be asked to enter a series of parameters including location and radius allowance of their search area.


Logging In

Authentication with a phone number ensures user verification for user security purposes and also adds an aspect of convenience. A user does not have to memorize a password to gain access to the app.


Searching for a SPOT

Users who are seeking are presented with the option to either enter their location manually for privacy or leverage the GPS capabilities of their mobile phone to id their location automatically. After they are able to set a boundary in order to direct the app to search for parking within the radius of that boundary.


Found a SPOT

If a spot is found, the user is redirected to the map application of their choice and will be given GPS instructions on how to arrive at the location where the parking space and its current occupant will be waiting for them. Simultaneously the user with the spot available will be instructed to wait for the seeker to arrive.


Rate the SWAP

After the swap happens, the user may choose to return to the application and rate their experience. The rating screen will appear if the any one of the users indicate the swap happend or the swap times out.


Tip your Swapper

The seeker may choose to tip after rating the swapper via one of the many popular cash applications such as Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, or any other available.


The Swapper

The swapper persona, as the secondary user of the app will use this application to sell a parking spot. While in use, they may be asked to enter a series of parameters such as their location, and possibly a timeframe they are willing to wait for a seeker to arrive.


Share Location

This swapper user chose to manually enter their location details. The address the user has to be validated to ensure accuracy. The user may


Pick a Seeker

This swapper is presented with an selection of users seeking to swap with them. The swapper will select the best option based on their location, eta, rating, tip, etc. Once the swapper makes their selection, the swappers location is shared with the seeker, and the swapper receives description of vehicle and is told to wait for their arrival.


Rate the Seeker

After the swap happens, the user will receive a message praising the swap. They receive their payment via the app or any other payment app. The rating screen will appear if the any one of the users indicate the swap happened or the swap times out.


Key Takeaways

ParkSwap will be a solution that fills a need. Users will always opt for any solution that offers convenience. ParkSwap will lead in the area of offering free crowdsourced alternatives to paid parking. Users will be able to park closer to businesses and work without having to pay the high prices of public parking facilities.

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