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Product Overview

North Star

The way customers are interacting with businesses is changing. It’s not the companies that are driving this change. Instead, it’s the customer who is driving this change by demanding relevant content at all times, on any device and in any format. It’s their journey that dictates your strategy.

The AT&T national business customer experience transformation initiative is a multi-year project examining the opportunities and challenges that digitalization is creating for business and society.

With this initiative, we are aiming to transform our business offering in order to meet the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing digital environment. We will be conducting research into how our customers use digital services and where we need to improve our offerings. In addition to this, we will also be looking at ways in which we can provide these services more efficiently.

Customer Experience Team

Yinnette Olivo
CX Strategist
Sharona Aviva
CX Strategist


The Challenge with the AT&T LBGUPs Journey?

In 2020, we saw a significant decrease in the amount of business customers who signed up for services with AT&T due to the lack of self-service avenues, confusing information around needs and usage and a lack of personalized options to meet the client needs. Today, LBGUPS customer journey requires a hands-on approach.


What was the goal?

Improve the customer experience for National Business by leveraging all communication avenues including but not limited to digital web, chat, SMS and voice.

We want to become Trusted Advisors to our customers and provide them with the North star of customer experiences across all their LBGUPS stages and provide them with the tools they need to make informed decisions .


Investigation of Customer Experience during the LBGUPS journey.

Identified areas of improvement in Online Customer Education, Self-Service sales and business Processes, and Automated Support and Account Services. 
  1. Make AT&T’s array of business solutions readily accessible to potential clients 
  2. Implement simple self-service processes and automatic bundling. 
  3. Merge client pre-qualifications into one seamless workflow that applies to all services
  4. Aim to create a seamless customer experience that is completely autonomous with little agent intervention or assistance.   


Discoveries of the LBGUPS Customer Experience journey.

(Learn, Buy, Get, Use, Pay, Support)


Opportunities identified during the LEARN journey:

I identified various opportunities to reduce the number of interactions between AT&T Representatives and their customers, but here are the best ones!

1Search Engine Optimization
3Empower Customers
5Service Questionnaire
2Targeted Search Lead Marketing
4Education Tools
6Timed follow-ups and support

Recognizing a need for a product and making a plan of action to research solutions.

Searching for options on the internet and finding a few that may work for their needs.

Giving the decision maker the options that they think work for their company


Opportunities identified during the BUY journey:

1Bundle and Save
3Chat Bot
5Leverage SMS
7Single Contract and Credit Approach
9Set Customer Expectations
2Tailored Recommendations
4Compare Customers
6Self-Service signup
8Digital Document Signing


Opportunities identified during the GET journey:

1Automated Onboarding
3Self-Service Account Setup
2Training Videos and Content
4White Glove Agent Onboarding

Client fills out all the required documentation online and get approved.

After provisioning of the account, onboarding materials are set to customer.

A training video of an AI trusted advisor is sent to the customer to watch.


Opportunities identified during the USE journey:

1Real-Time Reporting
3Equipment Troubleshooting
4Pro-Active Scheduling
2Agent Service Monitor
4Predictive Account Updates


Opportunities identified during the PAY journey:

1AI Bill Monitoring
3Bill Notifications
5Voice Bill Pay & Review
2Self-Service Billing Portal
4Digital Bill Pay

Online bill pay and digital invoicing is available through the customer portal

The customer can monitor their service in real time

An agent is available for real-time reactive service adjustments, service changes or disputes.


Opportunities identified during the SUPPORT journey:

1Service Monitoring
3Changes to Service
2Agent Service Monitor
4Digital Dispute Filing

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