How Discover’s CraftWorx Initiative is Redefining FinTech Governance Through Workforce Development

How Discover’s CraftWorx Initiative is Redefining FinTech Governance Through Workforce Development

Yinnette Olivo
Explore how Discover's CraftWorx Initiative is revolutionizing tech governance with a game-changing project integrating business technology policies with agile methodologies.

Navigating Discover’s Tech Transformation with BT Standards and the Discover® Technology Learning Platform

Hello, Discover enthusiasts! Since joining this dynamic team in November 2020, I’ve been part of some groundbreaking initiatives, with the BT Standard CraftWorx Readiness Initiative carving out a special place. This project is a brilliant showcase of Discover’s dedication to blending our internal methodologies with savvy business practices and robust risk management under the CraftWorx Core Team’s guidance.

CraftWorx, our homegrown methodology, is more than just a framework; it’s the backbone of our approach to building exceptional tech products. It’s agile and collaborative and allows for a melding of minds among technologists and leaders. CraftWorx doesn’t dictate; it inspires and suggests, leaving room for subject-matter experts and teams to tailor their approach.

Fast-forward to July 2023. With Jason Strle’s leadership ushering in a new era focused on security and risk reduction, we identified a critical need: aligning our business technology policies with the rhythm of CraftWorx. This led to the birth of the BT Standard CraftWorx Readiness Initiative, designed to create a cohesive and integrated working environment.

In my role, transitioning from the CraftWorx team, my initial task was to apply design thinking to understand the crafting of internal policies and standards. Our extensive research highlighted the need for a singular authoritative source for compliance and audits. Additionally, this period marked Discover’s strategic shift to incorporate COBIT into all our governance frameworks, enhancing our approach to managing information and technology.

“We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. We believe that accountability, transparency and good decision-making support our business, serve our customers and create value for our shareholders.”

We selected the Discover Technology Academy (DTA) as our platform, which was a strategic move. The DTA, traditionally a hub for learning, became the ideal venue for accessing these revamped policies, now enriched with CraftWorx insights and resources.

My approach?

My involvement in the discovery phase was paralleled by efforts to develop a content strategy that seamlessly wove BT standards into the CraftWorx fabric. Our goal was to establish a centralized hub for standards anchored by a single source of truth, and to ensure that CraftWorx’s practices were intricately linked with these standards. A key focus was designing a user journey that answered the critical ‘6Ws.’ We aimed for a clear, intuitive path that helped users understand and engage with this new platform. The feedback we received was invaluable, leading to enhancements and additional features to improve user navigation and policy accessibility.


Finalizing the design and mapping the journey was just the beginning. The DTA team, UX designers, and engineers combined our vision into a tangible, user-friendly interface aligned with our core design principles. Currently, the solution is in the development phase, with an upcoming launch on the DTA. This initiative significantly shifts from isolated standards management to a comprehensive, accessible system. We’re eager to see its rollout and impact on enhancing compliance and mitigating risks.

The BT Standard CraftWorx Readiness Initiative is more than a project; it’s a transformative step in how we handle business technology at Discover. It reflects a commitment to integrating best practices into a user-friendly standards platform. As we look forward, my role will evolve to refine the CraftWorx Learning Methodology further and drive UX and design innovation on the DTA platform.

What’s next?

Additionally, I’ll continue to spearhead engagement with the UX and Design Guild, collaborating with the Design Thinking and Product Management Guilds to foster a culture of innovation and agile development. As part of the CraftWorx leadership, I remain dedicated to advocating for methodologies that empower our teams to excel and innovate, positioning Discover as a leader in financial services and a standard-bearer in technology, design, and user experience.