Yinnette Olivo is a Product Leader and UX Expert based in Tampa, FL, with over 20 years experience in the tech industry.

From cool idea to insanely great product


I am available for consulting, Feel free to call or text me at +1 813 484 2417 or email at


Project gallery

Below are a set of examples of projects for which I have acted as a project leader, researcher, a product designer and sometimes both. 

Hillsborough County MLS

TechData Employee Portal The Hub

SiteZeus Customer Segmentation

National Cycling Alliance Website

Orlando Magic Employee Portal Research

Capillus Progress Monitoring Mobile App

SiteZeus Blog

TechData Streamone Marketplace

TechData Streamone Marketplace

There are more Clients, but here are
some guys you may have heard of.

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  • sitezeus-1024x512-20191031
  • Nielsen_New_Logo_2021
  • AdventHealth_global_4C
  • Tech-Data
  • AT&T_logo_2016.svg
  • Discover-logo
  • 1024px-Cisco_logo.svg
  • Orlando_Magic_logo.svg
  • Outback_Steakhouse.svg

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