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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Yinnette Olivo,
An Digital Product Leader
& UX Researcher Based
in Tampa.

Specializing in brokering symbiotic relationships between
businesses and the users they serve by helping teams turn complex
problems into intuitive and user-driven solutions.

Intelligent Design for Data

Intelligent Design for Data

Eat, Live and Breath Design for Data

I focus on design and development of digital strategies for enterprise leveraging AI, Segmentation, Machine learning, BI and Predictive Analytics.

Design Thinking User Experience

Design Thinking User Experience

User Driven Design is Great Design

Have over 10 yrs working with UX teams, strictly focusing on empowering users to own the UX process and product journeys and always listen to their users.

Cross-Functional Team Leadership

Cross-Functional Team Leadership

Grow, Nurture and Scale the Design Teams

Experienced in working collaboratively with product and design leaders across functions to incubate and grow new products for our company’s portfolio.


A Multi-faceted Designer & Developer

Successfully launched over 30+ projects, involving a variety of industries, that ranged from native mobile apps, SaaS/PaaS products, B2B enterprise-level applications, and AI/Machine Learning platforms.

Oh, Did I mention I am also a UI Engineer?

I am a fully qualified UI Engineer. That means I am able to take a design, either provided to me by a Product Designer, or an interface I myself have designed, and turn it into a beautiful HTML, JS & SCSS(CSS) Template plug-in ready for any framework.

This design for a Predictive Panel was created in photoshop
leveraging the established SiteZeus Platform Style Guide.

This is the template for the Predictive Panel that I built using
Bootstrap, HTML, Charts.js, JSON, Node, Gulp and CSS/SCSS.

Companies & Clients

Here are some of the clients I have worked with.

Let’s Work Together

Let's chat about any upcoming roles or projects!